Aware of the harmful effect deforestation has on the environment and climate change, as well as the negative consequences of these for farmers and agriculture in general, Inside Madagascar, has created several projects for reforestation and agroforestry. Inside Madagascar is working with the producers of APVAM developing projects for the preservation of the environment and for the sustainability of their production system. Each year, reforestation is part of the Inside Madagascar program. In 2020, the association’s goal is to plant 12,000 forest and vanilla support trees.

Preservation of forest

Preserving the diversity of species helps ensure the proper functioning of the ecosystem and its ability to cope with climate change.

In collaboration with local and national authorities, Inside Madagascar has developed the project for the preservation of forests located in the area of Ambarabaha. This project includes engaging the members of the APVAM association in understanding the forest ecosystems that surround them, highlighting the interest in preserving these ecosystems and the animal and plant species that live there, in particular precious woods such as rosewood (Dalbergia), medicinal plants, lemurs, reptiles, etc.

Beekeeping project development

Studies show that 35% of the world's food production is directly dependent on pollinators, of which the bee is the most important.

This is the reason why Inside Madagascar has decided to start a pilot project with Agri Resources Madagascar and the producers of APVAM on beekeeping: from the manufacture of a beehive, through the production of swarms, to at harvest. In addition to the ecological advantage that this project can bring, we are also creating a new source of income with the production of honey and wax.

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