Drinking water supply

As part of sustainable community development, the Inside Madagascar association wishes to provide drinking water for the community of local vanilla producers.

Currently, access to drinking water and poor sanitation and hygiene practices are a concern in rural areas. In Andrikiriky fokontany, for example, residents collect the water they consume from the canals that are used to irrigate the rice fields. The dishes, the laundry and the toilet are often done in the same place.

This water is often unfit for consumption, which has an impact on the health of the population.

The direct beneficiaries of this project will be the 575 families of APVAM planters, but the entire surrounding population will benefit, more than 10,000 people spread over twelve (12) villages in the District of Antalaha.


Access to healthcare remains a major problem in Madagascar. In the town of Antombana, which has seven fokontany (traditional villages), there is only one health centre. This forces some planters to walk for several hours to seek treatment in dispensaries. The nearest hospital is in Antalaha and the river and the road, which is in poor condition, are reserved only for those who have or can pay for means of transport, but the journey can take from 2 to 7 hours, preventing emergencies from being dealt with.

Our goal is to respond to emergencies for producers. To do this, Inside Madagascar has set up a social fund dedicated to health costs. Producers can access this fund in the event of illness, to finance an emergency trip to the appropriate health center or drug treatment.

Reinforcement of security

The farmers we are working with are often victims of vanilla theft, which pressures them to harvest the pods prematurely. However, this early vanilla harvest is detrimental to the quality of their products.

With the support of the police of the National Gendarmerie, Inside Madagascar has decided to help the producers of APVAM in the guarding of their fields by the providing safety equipment, in particular torches, whistles and raincoats.

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