Madagascar is classified as the world's largest producer of vanilla. But over the past three years, countries like India, Indonesia and Uganda have also started to produce vanilla on a large scale. In addition, the yields of vanilla plots in Madagascar are low because of poorly controlled planting density, and many unproductive vines, due to poor cultivation practices and the lack of reasoned management of diseases and pests.

This is why Inside Madagascar decides to focus its training on:

  • nursery
  • agricultural practices
  • pest control techniques

These trainings allow APVAM producers to strengthen their know-how and improve their productivity. Secondly, training on the preparation of vanilla, from scalding to packaging, will allow them to improve the quality of their products.


Inside Madagascar, in collaboration with the company Agri Resources, is launching a project on essential oils:

By learning new techniques on associated crops or alternatives to vanilla, it is a question of offering one or more additional financial sources to households.

It is indeed important for small planters to diversify their income through a multi-product approach, the outlets for which will be ensured thanks to the partnerships forged by Inside Madagascar.

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