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Inside Madagascar is committed to sustainable production while respecting the environment, the principles of fair trade, payment at a fair price to producers, the promotion of social development in the community, and the fight against child labor in the chain.

We focus on the three following areas to ensure that a bigger part of the produced value goes to the farmers and the sustainable development of their communities:

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The quality and traceability of vanilla

We are strengthening the quality and traceability of SAVA vanilla, in order to maintain the added value of "black gold" in Madagascar, while preserving the environment and focusing on the work of small producers.

We work with the growers to obtain an optimal quality of vanilla, and to be able to guarantee the origin of the product to the consumer.

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Agronomic education and training

We are setting up a training system to sustain the vanilla sector. This requires in particular the promotion of existing knowledge through a generational transfer of skills, in order to allow future generations to maintain agricultural know-how, the cornerstone of the production system. Our training also allows producers to acquire new agronomic skills in order to improve or adapt their current practices, but also to diversify crops and sources of income.

Agronomy trainings are also a mean for us to raise awareness for social and environmental issues such as hygiene at home, water use, the importance of education for children and gender equality.

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Social and environmental projects

Through surveys, we were able to diagnose the difficulties encountered by our beneficiaries, identify each person's priorities and better understand the social structure of the villages.

It is therefore only after such surveys that we are able, together with the communities, to prioritize the actions to be carried out with the aim of improving living conditions.

The recurring themes raised by the families of planters are relate to access to drinking water, healthcare, hygiene awareness, family planning, savings.

We also include additional themes such as the fight against child labor, and the preservation of the environment through workshops and activities such as reforestation.

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