The SAVA region is a tropical zone which suffers from cyclones which every year cause victims and destroy the already limited infrastructure.

In 2017, SAVA is severely affected by the cyclone Enawo, which took 80 lives and left 50 million dollars in damage in the country.

Faced with the despair caused by the lack of international aid to SAVA and its very large rural community, but also in front of the positive impact generated by the mobilization of international actors present on site, Matthieu Lougarre, CEO of Agri Resources Madagascar, and Frédéric Dalmasie, his partner in Monaco, decided to set up an association with the support of the Mayor of the Urban Commune of Antalaha, Eddie Fernand.


The idea of the Inside Madagascar association was born: to implement various sustainable development projects in partnership with the clients of Agri Resources, an agro-food company specializing in vanilla, NGOs and humanitarian associations, as well as Malagasy officials.


Vanilla, which makes Madagascar's reputation, and of which the country is the world's largest producer, is mainly cultivated in the SAVA. However, because of the devastating cyclone, the "queen of spices" is also experiencing difficulties.

Despite a surge in prices, the remuneration of producers remains low and the quality level of Madagascan vanilla has significantly decreased:

    • Producers are forced to harvest immature vanilla for fear of theft
    • They only benefit from 16% of the price of prepared vanilla, most of it going to the many intermediaries (commission agents, agents, collectors) who promote their earnings to the detriment of quality.

Faced with this situation, Inside Madagascar is working to put the remuneration of producers back at the heart of the value chain by helping them to reduce intermediaries, while offering them solutions for sustainable and responsible agriculture.


In 2019, Inside Madagascar was established institutionally and became operational by forming an agricultural group: APVAM or Association des Planteurs de Vanille d'Ankavia Meva. APVAM currently brings together more than 600 producers in fifteen villages in Antalaha district: Ambohitsara, Agnorontany, Antsinasina, Ambatandolo, Ampatakamanitra, Antanambao, Ankazomena, Antanandava, Antsahantangatra, Antserasera, Marolambo, Ambarabaha, Andongikarozabe, Andambiro, Andrikarozabe.

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