Supporting the projects of Inside Madagascar means encouraging a model based on empowerment, not assistance, so those rural communities can live with dignity from their work and sustainably exploit their natural resources.

Good to know

The members of the Inside Madagacar board are all volunteers.

The operation of the association - administrative costs and human resources in Madagascar - is financed by our partner Agri Resources. Your donations are therefore allocated 100% to the development of projects.

Legal references: Association registered in the Official Journal N ° 8430 of 04/19/2019 Tax registration N ° 4003259716 of 01/25/2019

What are your donations used for (some examples):

100 calophyllum plants planted

a safety kit for a planter + 1 bag of 5kg of rice for the lean season

a table-bench for the pupils of the Public Primary School

Our funding

The financial resources of Inside Madagascar come mainly from donations:

  • de nos partenaires ex : FEDEX, Association Pompiers France-Madagascar.
  • contributions from the board of directors and contributions from members and supporters.
  • from Organismes de Solidarité Internationale de la Principauté de Monaco.



Lot ZK G 56A Secteur 4 Ankoalabe
206 Antalaha, Madagascar

adresse MONACO

34, Avenue Hector Otto
98000 Monaco


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